ALBERT B STAPP Self Titled Vinyl Autographed


Artist: Albert B Stapp

Title: Self Titled

Condition: Front and back cover is in excellent condition, vinyl itself has some minor scuff marks but I think it will play ok.  Front cover has been signed by Albert with a blue pen as follows: Kind regards to one of my dearest friends Jack Leferes….Albert Stapp…

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  1. The Yellow Hound Dog Story
  2. A Big Toot For Such A Little Yearling
  3. I’m Here To Take Up Fares, Not Confessions
  4. Chorus Girls Aboard Ship In Hoboken
  5. The Lydia E Pinkham Salesman
  6. Your Commercial Was Entirely Too Long
  7. The Lightening Rod Charger
  8. St Louis Stove Salesman
  9. The Whole World Stinks
  10. A Family All Mixed Up
  11. Is This The Bus For Tuscaloosa?
  12. It Would Make A Preacher Cuss
  13. The Famous Ham Bone Story